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"Flash Training promise is to give the basketball player the tools
and guidance to improve their overall skills through intense workouts and instructions."


FLASH Director

Rob Crandall Jr. | 313-820-8242


Objective: To improve the skills, fundamentals, and concepts of the game of basketball to all players at any level.  Crandall’s final goal is creating a positive attitude, work ethic, and self-discipline within each individual player.  Crandall graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2005 with a B.S. in Movement Science.  The passion for the game of basketball that Crandall has is very great.  He enjoys being a part of the practice scene preparing players to perform at the best level possible.  His competitive edge and eagerness to succeed will help him in his training.  With the work ethic that Crandall brings to the gym on a daily basis he is going to affect many players’ careers.

Experience: Crandall is the creator of FLASH Training program.  He will be the Head Trainer for FLASH Training.  Other Programs that Crandall will be running are the Jr. FLASH Training Program as well as the Jr. Hooper’s Developmental Program.  Crandall looks forward to changing the lives of many young players on and off the court.


Past Experience: Crandall has been a part of many collegiate and high school programs within the past 10 years.  Also, he has spent time working with young players in the middle schools and through AAU programs.  His final goal is to make a difference and be a positive role model.



Repetition FLASH Training
(ages 8-18)

FLASH Training is a repetition focused basketball skill development-training program. The training program is the most popular FLASH product and monthly sessions fill-up quickly. The basketball training will focus on the following:


  • Working on ball handling and moving without the ball
  • Proper footwork from end to end
  • How to move the defense to get to the RIM
  • Finishing moves when you get to the RIM
  • Extensive drill work to create a faster tempo
  • Speed drills with and without the basketball
  • Catch and shoot, shoot off the dribble, as well as stationary,Game Situation Training, Understanding the game.

MONTHLY SESSIONS: REPETITION FLASH Training will be a monthly program and will be offered each month. Each player will only compete against themselves, so you can come in and out of the program and still build on the repetition training.

SESSION DAYS & TIMES: The training will be held 3-times per week and run for the entire month. Please specify which time slot you are signing up for. Early Slot-Monday & Thursday 5-6pm & Saturday 11-Noon Later Slot-Monday & Thursday 6-7pm & Saturday 12-1  

Cost: $130 per player/per monthly session




Individual/Small Group Training

FLASH Training – Fundamental, Lateral, Agility, Speed, Handling.  All of these will be done through drills and basketball skill work.

Pricing based on a 1 hour training session. All pricing is based on per player.



Sm.Group Rate

Monthly Group Rate

Individual Rate














Small Group Rate is signing up for training sessions where other players could possibly be there.  The possibility for individual is possible but most likely will have 2-5 players per session.  These sessions only count against you when you come to a session.

Monthly Group Rate is for the FLASH Training Class that meets 3 times per week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays for the entire month.  This gets your roughly 12 sessions for the month at a cost less than $11 per session.    The month costs $130 whether you make it to 1 session or all 12 sessions.  The reason for the great cost per session is to give you the opportunity to miss a few sessions and still get your money's worth.

Individual Rate is for 1 hour of pure one-on-one training.  Working on whatever it is that you want to improve.  This is for the player that wants that individualized attention.

Please call Coach Crandall at 313-820-8242 for appointment slot














JR FLASH 7-8pm


REP FLASH 11-1pm







Small Group 1-2pm


Small Group 7-8pm

Small Group 7-8pm

Individual 2-3pm

Individual 8-9pm



Individual 8-9pm




Questions/Appointment: Robert Crandall Jr. (313) 820-8242


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